Since technology was introduced into education systems worldwide, it has brought about a drastic change that has benefited the education sector today by making learning easier. A lot of universities, including Graphic Era University, have used cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of their students more quickly and effectively. The ERP Gehu online platform, which was developed recently by the university, has centralized some of the primary administrative and administrative tasks. This article explains ERP, the experience it provides for platform users, how to sign up and log in, the salient features of the platform, and the advantages it provides for educators and learners.

What Is ERP Gehu?

ERP Gehu, an online portal for instructors and students, has been launched by Graphic Era University. The website was created to assist them in a variety of ways. There are several offerings on this site to help their students and faculty manage their tasks more effectively. It provides them with previous year’s exam papers and key notes. With its effective tools, it provides all users with additional power to effectively complete their tasks. 

An Overview Graphic Era Hill University

Graphic Era Hill University is comprised of three campuses: Dehradun, Bhimtal, and Haldwani. Graphic Era Hill University offers courses in management, engineering, law, the arts, and more, and this is where they really start to shift people’s perceptions. This is the point where Graphic Era Hill University absolutely requires the appropriate methodology. Since there are more young people in India than in any other country, this location is extremely valuable. Additionally, according to the university’s official website, students are receiving a package worth at least 12 LAKHs annually. And having three campuses undoubtedly gives them the proper perspective.

Features Of ERP Gehu

There are many features of ERP Gehu we have written some of them below:

  • Annual Academic TimeTable: The annual academic time table is available to all users on the website, including instructors and students. Teachers can prepare test papers, set deadlines for assignments, and complete other critical tasks on time by using this annual schedule. Students are able to finish the work ahead of schedule. They have the option to create their own schedule based on the academic calendar.
  • Access to Report Cards: The Graphic Era University students’ report cards are displayed on this page. This enables students and parents to keep track of students’ performance records. It will assist students in improving by analyzing their weak points.
  • Access Additional College Resources: Since the university created the website, all of the colleges that fall under its purview can visit it. Any college or its employees may provide resources to students in order to assist them in understanding the subject from a variety of perspectives.
  • Access To Communication Tools: Another excellent feature of this site is that it provides users with access to communication tools. Students can use the resources provided to take part in a variety of forums and conversations. Students can learn from the experiences of other students, professors, and professionals, which can be beneficial to them.
  • Large Library: The portal provides students with access to the library as well. The library offers a vast array of subjects and themes for those who enjoy studying. By understanding certain issue information in-depth, students could gain from this.

Process for ERP Gehu Registration

Typically, when a university launches a website, students only receive the login credentials. This also applies to Graphic Era University’s website. This university completes its students’ registration process. They request that students provide them with several details, including their email address, name, age, gender, admission slip, and mobile number. The registration process is completed based on the details provided by the student. Later, students’ login information, such as their user ID and password, is sent to their email address.

Process for ERP Gehu Login 

When students receive the login information via email, they will be able to log in to ERP Gehu. They must log in to the website using those details. The steps listed below are what students must do in order to log in to the website:

  • Open Any Web Browser: To log into this educational website, students must open any web browser.
  • Visit the Official Website: The first step requires students to visit the Dehradun University’s official website. The official website,, is accessible directly.
  • Click to Open Link From SERP: Students must click the site’s official link after arriving at the search engine result page.
  • Enter Your Login Information: Students must now input the information they receive by email, such as their user ID and password. They must fill up the entry areas with details.
  • Click Login: After completing the previous stages, students must click the Login option as the last step.

Process to reset the ERP Gehu Password 

There are multiple time when the user forgot their password then in such situation you need not to worry about, you just have to follow the given below steps:-

  • Visit the Gehu Site: In order to reset their passwords, users must visit the official Gehu website.
  • Click Forget Password: Users need to click the “forget password” option in this step in order to reset their password. Users who want to reset their passwords will now be taken to a different page. 
  • Enter Additional Login Information: Students and Faculty must enter their user id, email address, and date of birth in this step.
  • Click Reset: Immediately after entering their information, they must now click the reset option.
  • Open Received Link From Mail: The link that was received in the mail must be opened by the user. In order to reset their password, they must do further actions.

Process To Reset ERP Gehu User ID 

There are multiple time when the user forgot their User ID then in such situation you need not to worry about, you just have to follow the given below steps:-

  • Visit the Gehu Website Officially: In order to reset their user ID, students must visit the Gehu Website Officially.
  • Click “Forget ID”: Students must first find and then click the “Forget ID” option. Upon selecting that option, users will immediately be routed.
  • Provide Personal Information: As of right now, users are required to enter their mobile number and date of birth.
  • Perform Detail Verification: Users must double check the information they have entered. Ultimately, they must click the verify button. This is the final stage, following which they can obtain their user ID.

Various Course, Fees And Eligibility

The complete list of courses, their costs, and the requirements for enrollment are provided below:

CourseAdmission FeesEligibility
B.Pharma5.0 – 5.5 Lakh10+2 with 50% minimum
MCA3.0 – 3.5 LakhGraduation in CS with 50%
B.Sc.3.5 – 5.5 Lakh10+2 : 45-50 %
B.E. / B.Tech7.5 – 10 Lakh10+2 form PCM With 50-60 %
B.Com3.5 L – 5.5 Lakh10+2 with 50 % Minimum
BCA3.0 – 3.5 Lakh10+2 form PCM with 50 %
MBA/PGDM4.5 -5.0 LakhGraduation : 50 %
BBA4.0 – 4.5 Lakh10+2 : 50 %

Various Services offered by ERP Gehu

There are multiple number of services is offered by the platform, given below are the list of top  services of the platform are:-

  • Expense Status: Students can utilize this site to track the advance of their college charge installments. All of the kids spare a ton of time with this service.
  • Tracking Participation: Students are able to screen their participation by seeing their add up to participation, which gives them the capacity to take remedial activity if it begins to decline.
  • Cloud Capacity Benefit: Students can carefully store their homework assignments by utilizing this website’s cloud capacity benefit. Educates may moreover promptly assemble assignments and other work from understudies utilizing it.
  • Study Materials: An assortment of consider materials are accessible to understudies, which can be useful in getting prepared for exams.


Let’s sum up! ERP Gehu is a transformative platform by Graphic Era University. It streamlines administration and improves learning. It offers academic timetables, report cards, communication tools, and a digital library. These tools help students and faculty work efficiently. They create a more connected and resource-rich school.