With the advent of social media sharing memories with our close ones has become very simple. People mostly take a toll on Instagram to share their precious moments. We like to view those smiling pictures and videos, but at times we also desire to conceal our viewing.  However, due to the restricted features of Instagram, we are performing the same. Therefore, to help out we are going to discuss, InsAnony. Hence to maximize your experience on Instagram, follow the provided information in this article. 

Understanding InsAnony

InsAnony is an effective tool that has been largely used by the users of social media to view stories of people anonymously. With the help of this feature, you can hiddenly stalk people without letting them know. The platform is largely popular among its users for its extensive features. Users can utilize an anonymous story viewer and other features and aspects of the site to enhance their experience of using the platform. 

Salient Characteristics

Explored here the unique characteristics of the platform, with the help of which you can use Instagram like never before. 

  • Watch Stories Anonymously: This is the core feature offered by InsAnony. The tool has been specifically designed for people to view stories anonymously. Your profile name or identity will not be revealed to the account holder. 
  • Download Content: In case you come across any content that you like a lot and or see its purpose useful. Then you can download the content for free as well as view it without any active internet connection.
  • Easy to Use: Another good thing about the site is that it is very simple to access. That means you won’t have to get lost in any lengthy process, rather you can simply access it easily. 

Getting Started with InsAnony

Now that you have read about the uniqueness of the site, let’s learn the steps to access it. All you need to do is follow these suggested steps. 

  • Step: 1 To begin with, you need to use the Browser of your choice and navigate the official site. 
  • Step: 2 As the results are presented to you, click on the link that directs to the site. 
  • Step: 3 Upon entering the homepage of the site, insert the URL of the Insta video or content. 
  • Step: 4 After entering the link in the provided input box, tap on the search button. 
  • Step: 5 Aside from the URL, you can also insert the exact Username of the account you wish to watch. 
  • Step: 6 Once the search completes you will be able to see all the posts of the Username.

Reasons to Choose

There are multiple reasons for you to choose this web-based tool. Read the below section to read about some of them. 

  • Free of Cost: The tool is completely free of cost, unlike any other tools available that ask you to take subscriptions. Here you will get completely free access to tools and features to use for your anonymous viewing. 
  • No Registration Required: Here comes the breath of ease, wherein you won’t have to provide any personal information for signing up. Because this tool does not require you to create an account, instead you can directly use its services. 
  • Friendly Interface: Users of this platform get a seamless and user-friendly interface. Wherein you can use all the features and services of this site seamlessly. 

Is InsAnony Safe & Ethical?

When it comes to the safety of InsAnony then let me tell you that this tool uses SSL encryption. The SSL encryption safeguards your information and keeps your browsing secure. Considering the ethical side, while using this platform you are not breaching any rules and regulations. But the scenario might change seeing the advancement. 

Alternatives of InsAnony

Discussed here are some of the top alternatives to this tool. You can refer to them in order to explore and get your hands on something more. 

  • PixWox: Pixwox is commonly utilized as a substitution for InsAnony. It provides easy access to stories on public Instagram profiles. You have the ability to input usernames/links for pasting. This tool can assist in viewing profile data.
  • Picuki: The user interface of this tool is extremely sleek and appealing. Using it is also very simple. One of the most simple Instagram viewer tools available. The main page features a basic search bar. You can utilize it to view any profile you wish to eavesdrop on.
  • InstaNavigation: There are no restrictions on how you can use InstaNavigation to view or save Instagram stories. You don’t need an account for that.


To sum up, everything that has been discussed, InsAnony has gained popularity as an Instagram story viewer tool. This is because it allows you to secretly see these stories. Additionally, you have the option to also save them on your device. The functionalities of this tool are extremely helpful.

Disclaimer: “All the details provided are meant only for informational purposes. One must visit the official website to get any further information. Additionally, in no way do we encourage our readers to use such third-party platforms.”