The rising social media has given a unique identity to most of us, for various purposes. Today, we have decided to explore Zherka, who is popularly known for Twitch streaming and content creation. The blog is going to cover details surrounding him. Therefore, if you wish to explore a complete detail regarding him, you must give a thorough read to the provided information. 

Zherka Biography

Jon Zherka widely known as Zherka was born on 23rd February 1995, in Canada. The famous Twitch streamer and content creator, as of 2024 is 28 years old. He gained this popularity in the account for often posting about female Twitch stars. His dedication to his work is highlighted by his constant interaction with his friends. Aside from all this, he is also known for being a famous bouncer as well as a comedian. Currently, this famous personality is residing in Canada and follows Christianity as a religion. 

Physical Appearance

Jon belongs to the white Albanian ethnicity and has a height of 6 feet 5 inches. His heights when calculated in centimeters turn out 196 cm, and he weighs 85 kg. Talking about his luring body measurement, it’s 44-32-38 inches. His hair and eye color are Dark Brown, which adds to his personality. 


Sources have very limited information related to Jon’s family. We only know that he has a sister named Julia, and also has fraternal twin brothers. Alongside them, he also has two step-siblings, a stepsister named  Mia Malkova. The names of his stepbrothers remain undisclosed to the public. 


Zherka is a full-time nighlub bouncer before transitioning into a Twitch Streamer, and content creator. His content went viral on Twitch, thereby gaining half a million views. His popularity on the platform, made him gain the nickname of Most Viral Man on Twitch. 

Jon was one of the first-ever streamers to gain such a high number of views. Most of the time he streams on Fortnite, GTA V, and Apex Legends. He also has a community named ‘Just Chat’ where he interacts with all his fans and followers. Aside from all this he also has ‘The  Zherka Podcast’, on which he invites guests and discusses various topics. 

He also has a YouTube channel where he has over 144k subscribers. On his channel, he uploads vlogs, highlights, pranks, podcasts, and more. In his effort to build his career in comedy as well, he also covers controversial topics. 


In the year 2019, Jon’s Twitch account was banned for the purpose of allegedly posting a video clip of a banned streamer.

He was again banned in 2021, from Twitch for almost one month. This ban was imposed on him for clicking photos of a girl in a bikini on a stream for an extended period. Aside from all this, his account was banned in 2023 for his video being too edgy. 

It was in September of 2023, that he was accused by internet personality, Nicolas ‘Nicos Sneako Kenn De Balithazy of using substances. He stated that Jon took substance before boxing with Izi Prime. 


According to several sources, Jon has been currently dating Jenner. Jenner is also a popular Twitch streamer and social media personality. She is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Apart from streaming on Twitch, she also streams on Kick Runescape and FPS Fanatic Car. Jon met her for the very first time on Rajjchelor in 2019, after which they started dating. 

Social Media

Although Jon Zherka’s Instagram account was allegedly deleted after a leaked couple of direct messages. He is no longer active on his Instagram account, he is quite active on Twitter. Apart from this he also has a website dedicated to dating and relationship advice. 

Lesser Known Facts

There are several lesser-known facts about Zherka, here we have mentioned those. 

  • He has received a lot of criticism and judgment from other streamers. 
  • He was inspired by Tyler1 and GreekGodX to stream on Twitch. 
  • Jon once joked about a crush on Pokimne, a female steamer. 


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