Health and Money are the two most important parts of one’s life.  Health can be rejuvenated, if well taken care of. But, what about money? Being able to save money is not less than any talent. Saving money and then budgeting it properly takes a lot of time and patience. So, to make it easy for individuals here comes an online platform that teaches the importance of budgeting. is a platform that teaches how money flow works. Here, in this article we dive deep to know more about the platform, The article covers features, benefits, characteristics and more.


The is an online platform. It has been designed in a way that it contains many different materials and tools that can be used in an effective and efficient manner. It shares the articles in order to make people understand the importance of money. But, do not forget it only focuses on finance and money related subjects. It can be termed helpful when it comes to a finance guide. 

Characteristics and Tools available 

To have an easy understanding of the platform one must have knowledge about the characteristics. Mentioned below are a few of the tools and characteristics of the platform. 

  • Loan calculator:. This calculator is also easy to set up. It shows the monthly payment of the loan if the loan amount, interest rate and loan period are specified. It is an undeniable fact that it gives a complete picture of the total payment, calculated interest and principal amount.
  • Budget Planner:. This feature allows users to manage their budget and track their income and expenses. It helps manage target goals, separate bills and summarize shopping habits.
  • Investment Analyzer:. This tool helps users determine the likely returns, risks and other important calculations of a particular investment. It helps identify the best opportunities by filtering out the unsuitable ones. Thus it helps to create a solid financial foundation for the future.
  • Savings Goal Tracker:. Additionally, people can create savings goals and see how much progress their savings are making. The app includes this tab that tracks and shows how much you’ve saved, which in turn helps motivate you to reach your financial goals.
  • Financial articles and tips:. The website Investing offers public articles on personal financial matters. In particular: saving, investing, budgeting and more. These resources should be the ones that engage and educate users. It is to make the right financial choices in the future. 

The Jumpstart Process 

Now, the question arises: how to access the platform? Well the proper way to access the platform and the answer to this question has been mentioned below. 

  • From an Internet connected device, Visit the official website 
  • Select “Sign in” or “Log in” to create a money.rumusrumus account. 
  • Enter your email address in one of the fields and create a password.
  • Once you have logged in. One should familiarize with the financial tools and resources available on the platform. This includes a cost calculator, budget planner, investment analyzer and other applications.
  •  When using the tools, make sure you enter them correctly. Examples include the amount of money received each month and all debts and investments. 
  • Once you’ve created an account and added the financial information. One should now try to use the tools to manage their finances. Budget all the expenses, draw graphs, plan investments. Evaluate how far one has come from the savings goals to take control of one’s own financial life now. 

Benefits of using 

The benefits one can avail by using the money rumus platform is given below: 

  • Financial Planning: The platform is designed to enable users to develop and implement finance decisions. Whether it is personal savings, investing or debt management.
  • Educational Resources: This is a great reference material. Here one can find educational materials. It is to help us learn various financial concepts and make good financial decisions.
  • Accessibility: The online portal is accessible anywhere. A big advantage for users is that they can access it at any time and manage their finances online.

Disclaimer: “All the Information shared above about the is well researched. It is provided for informational purposes only. Furthermore, in case of non compliance of the information, visit the official website for more in depth information.” 


In conclusion, is more than just a financial website. This is a website that helps people who want to keep their money in order. With the help of its various tools and features mentioned above it is termed quite helpful. Such as, useful tools, accurate calculations and training resources, facilitating investment planning, budgeting and analysis.  Furthermore, the platform can be helpful at every financial step.