Even though the digital world is vast, it has some restrictions imposed on users. You must have come across a situation when your access to some websites is denied. There might be countless reasons behind it such as security concerns, content regulation, censorship, regulatory compliance, and so on. In this write-up, we are going to talk about a platform that lets you access blocked or restricted websites on the internet. Proxiyum lets you enjoy limitless freedom without revealing your identity to anyone. Let’s learn about its features and functionalities that make internet surfing fun and devoid of any regulation.

Understanding Proxiyum

In this digital era, many online platforms have emerged with the objective of serving the target audience. However, some websites are not accessible by users due to potential reasons. That’s when Proxiyum comes into play to unblock those sites. It is a proxy web server that lets users access any blocked site without sharing their data. Users can access any information from any corner of the world with the help of this platform. The best thing is that it is completely free to use and takes care of users’ safety. Users are required to copy and paste the link of that blocked website on Proxiyum. After this, they will be able to access that website. 

Why Do You Need a Proxy Server?

A Proxy server helps users access any site irrespective of geographic regulations. One can also access the streaming website or platform using the Proxy server to embrace online entertainment. You can watch web series from Amazon Prime and Netflix. Above all, the speed of the server is incredible and this is the reason why it can process multiple requests simultaneously. One can also block annoying advertisements that are stopping you from enjoying online content relentlessly. Web proxy servers are also helpful in optimizing network performance. 

Let’s suppose a situation where you visit any site on a Proxy server one day. When you access the same site the next time, it will automatically take you to the site without keeping out waiting. The server stores data from the website for a temporary period and when visiting the same site again, it uses that data to land you on it without delay.

How does a proxy server work?

The Proxy servers have their own IP address with the help of which, users can access any site unanoynmosuly. It lets users and the particular website connect with each other. The real IP address is disclosed in this process. It does not matter whether the website is based in your country or somewhere else in the world, you can access them easily. 

Procedure to access Proxiyum

Below you can check out the procedure to access this web proxy platform to access any website. 

  • Step :1 To get started with Proxiyum Web Server, open the browser and enter https://proxyium.com/ this address. This is the official address of the platform. 
  • Step :2 You can also copy and paste the official link of the website into the browser. 
  • Step :3 After a few seconds, you will land on its homepage where you will see a text field. You will have to put any website link in that field and press enter. 
  • Step :4 By creating a new IP address, Proxiyum will let you access the site. 
  • Step :5 During that process, your name, identity, and IP address will remain disclosed. 
  • Step :6 You can explore the online world without hassle. 

Proxiyum quality features

Below mentioned are the features of Proxiyum that will provide you with more insights about the platform. 

  1. Hiding IPs

One of the important features of the platform is its ability to hide your IP address. After hiding your IP address, it gives you its IP address to access any blocked site. One will never know who is using what. So, don’t worry about safety and security on the platform.

  1. Proxiyum uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer)

Secure Socket Layer or SSL ensures unbreached security for users against hacking and unauthorized access activities. It uses encryption technology to keep your data disclosed. It ensures the private sharing of data between the proxy server and the client. The job of SSL also is to ensure the accurate transmission of data to the right users prohibiting third parties. 

  1. Sharing 

On Proxiyum, you can let your friends access the same link that you accessed on the platform. Once you unblock the site, you can send that link to any user you want. 

  1. Compatibility 

Proxiyum is compatible with various devices such as smartphones, laptops, and computers. Depending on your requirements, you can access the web proxy server on any device. Its compatibility is not restricted to just devices it is also compatible with different browsers such as  Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari,  Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

Advantages of Proxiyum

Proxiyum lets users access and download any software from any platform. Once you manage to access the site using Proxiyum, you can perform desired actions on the site. There will be no restrictions on downloading content from the platform.

Proxy Server Disadvantages 

Some Proxy servers may affect your smooth internet speed and can also breach your security. Not all proxy web servers are safe and effective. Accessing restricted content using a proxy server can lead to copyright laws and regulations. This can get you into legal trouble which is as equal as humiliation.

Wrapping Up

Proxiyum is one of the well-known web proxy servers specifically designed to assist users in accessing restricted websites. Though it comes with various benefits, its drawbacks which are commonly found in many proxy servers can not be neglected. So stay safe while using the platform. Do not click on any ad or suspicious link. Take security measures before using these platforms. Do research on the reliability of the platform.


Use Proxiyum at your risk! We do not promote the platform on our site. It is just an informative blog designed to educate you about its web proxy server services. After hours of research, we gathered the above-mentioned facts and shared them with you.