The known manufacturing and selling brands of Netherlands: calvé, calvé proef, andrélon, unilever food solutions, unox, knorr, are experts of Food and Hair Care products. They have made a huge impression in the Dutch market and all over the world as well. Moreover, the main companies behind these brands are Calve, Unilever Food Solution and Andrelon. Here, in this article we are going to learn about the companies, its brands, products offered and cover more information. 

An Overview: calvé, calvé proef, andrélon, unilever food solutions, unox, knorr,

The calvé, calvé proef, andrélon, unilever food solutions, unox, knorr, are some of the known food brands. They manufacture and sell foods, well they are also the known one’s in their food department. From serving the basic ketchup to a complete one time meal is their speciality. Well, these known companies are Masters of the food Industry. Now, let’s learn about all of the food manufacturing companies one at a time.  

What is calvé and calvé proef ?

Calvé is a Netherlands based food manufacturing brand. The firm was officially introduced back in 1887. The Dutch based manufacturing company is known for the best Mayonnaise and premium Peanut Butter they serve. It is one of the most popular household brands since it came into existence.

The brand offers Veg and Non Veg food items both. The plus point it carries is that the food served does not contain any Artificial color. This makes the food safe and healthier as compared to others. The brand makes sure that the food is fresh to sell and this makes them a standout in the market.  

Now, few of the foods Manufactured here are as follows: 

  • Range of Flavors
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • Different Sauces 
  • Egg less food Products 
  • And more

Andrelon: Transforming the Hair Care

Andrelon is a hair product manufacturing brand owned by Unilever. It is a Netherlands based Dutch  brand. The company has been in the limelight because of the claim they make. They claim to provide Natural and Organic Hair Products. The brand is quite popular for the quality of the product. The hair care products carry all nutrients needed for better hair growth. They claim to use 100% Natural products and no harmful substances are mixed in it. They are said to use organic ingredients for the manufacturing of the organic products. 

Now, some of the products are as follows: 

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Hair Styling Products 
  • Organic Hair care Products

Competitors of Andrelon 

Now, every other famous brand has their competitors. These competitors also have a huge impact on the market. Well, some of the competitors of Andrelon are: 

  • Nykaa
  •  MamaEarth
  • Loreal
  • Arata

The Unilever Food Solutions 

Unilever is an Anglo Dutch based company. It is referred to as a subsidiary of Unilever Plants. The food organization is best known for manufacturing good quality food and selling it further in the market. The company claim to serve natural and fresh food products

Now, few of the manufactured foods under unilever food solutions are as follows: 

  • Ready Made Meals
  • Sauces
  • Range of Frozen
  • Chilled Products

Moreover, Unilever Food Solution manufactures and sells food items under the two other brands: Unox and Knorr. 

Unox: A Tradition and Taste

Unox is a food brand that comes under the name of Unilever Food Solutions. The brand manufactures and sells their food under the Unilever name. Well, it is also a Dutch based company located in the Netherlands. The consumer can purchase the food item online also. Well, Unox sells veg and Non veg food products as well. 

Now, the listing of the items sell under Unox are: 

  • Sausage
  • Soup
  • Stews
  • Ready Made Meals 

Knorr: The culinary delight 

Knorr can be considered as an alternative to Unox. Both of the brands falling under Unilever offer similar services and products. The brand provides good and premium quality food products. They manufacture the food items that can be reused to create any other extraordinary dish. 

The brand was introduced back in 1983 and has been known for best soups and seasoning. The food is quite known for “Restaurant Like Flavors at Home” . They provide healthy, safe and preservative free food items. Well, the main focus of the brand is to add taste to the meal. 

Now, the products Knorr is best known for: 

  • Soup
  • Ready Made Meals
  • Sauce
  • Pasta Dishes
  • Seasoning

Alternatives of calvé, calvé proef, andrélon, unilever food solutions, unox, knorr,

Well, here we have seen various food manufacturing companies and hair products manufacturing companies. So, mentioned below are few of the alternatives of the food manufacturing company:

  • PepsiCo.
  • Danone
  • Hain Celestial
  • Pioneer Food Solutions
  • Elephant House
  • Keells Foods
  • Premier Foods


In conclusion, calvé, calvé proef, andrélon, unilever food solutions, unox, knorr, are few Food and Hair Product manufacturing companies. Unilever and Calvé are the two known names in the food industry. While, Andrélon is the Hair product manufacturer. All of them have made a strong base in their own fields. But not to forget, Unox and Knorr are two brands that fall under the Unilever company. Moreover, from the brand’s history to products it sells and the major alternatives of the field. All the required information has been shared above. So, one may go through the article for in depth knowledge. 


All the information about calvé, calvé proef, andrélon, unilever food solutions, unox, knorr, is well researched. The article is for informational purpose only. Well, one can visit the official sites of each of the products before bringing them into use.